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Tiki Bar opening weekend covered in St. Mary’s County’s local, revered publication The County Times in an article entitled “Tiki Bar Opening Kicks Off Tourism Season” by staff writer Sean Rice.

In spite of the cold, wet beginnings of spring this year the weather behaved beautifully for the annual Tiki Bar opening last Friday in Solomons Island.

Owners of the Tiki Bar estimated that more than 25,000 people showed up to witness the Solomons Island hot spot open for its 29th year.

While most of the visitors on opening day come to party, many also eat, sleep and buy supplies nearby, which means a rush for local businesses.

With each year the Tiki Bar opening phenomenon gets more popular, and supporters say it’s a nationally known event, and possibly even beyond.

Catamaran’s owner Jim Seymour said Solomon’s Island and the Tiki Bar are known worldwide, which is a boon for the local economy. …

Pat Donovan, co-owner of the Tiki Bar said the opening, “symbolizes spring and summertime. The start of the tourism season.”

“It kicks the island off, all the businesses kind of wait for us to open, because we’re the primary draw for the island,” co-owner Terry Clarke said in an interview with The County Times.

“People have fun, and I think the island likes it,” Seymour said. “It’s getting bigger every year, so somebody likes it.”

We encourage our patrons to read the full column in the April 23rd edition of The County Times by visiting http://countytimes.somd.com/.


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